Travis Macy: Rewrite Your Negative Thoughts with the ‘Ultra Mindset’

November 16, 2015

We’re joined by ultrarunner Travis Macy, who recently released his first book The Ultra Mindset, a great read for any endurance athlete out there. Grab your copy here.

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On this show:

– Travis and his family’s quest to “need less” and on building a small house.
– Inspired by the Tiny documentary
– Travis was “that guy” who set the new Leadman record in 2013 (36:20), after our own Lucho set the record in 2012 by going 37:xx; Lucho was the first to go sub 40 hours.
– Travis book: part biography, part self-help-ish featuring “8 mindsets” with tools for runners.
– ow has Travis’ life been since the “chaos” of writing and releasing a book?
– Travis on the concept of “being busy” and why he’s not buying into that…
– Our negative thoughts & Travis’ idea of rewriting negative stories
– On quitting; never quit because you fear the outcome
– But…. when is ok and smart to quit?
– What are some traits in athletes who should consider a break, quitting or changing things up?
– Has Travis ever experienced burnout?
– what’s the secret to no burnout?
– The value of technical sessions
– And more on the book and Travis life as a teacher, etc.

Travis’ usual weekly run schedule:
-10-15+ hours of training/ running; 75mpw
-6 runs: 3 hard runs – long (4+/-hr), hill tempo/intervals, 2nd long or speedwork. 3 recovery runs.

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