Tri News with Thorsten: Special Interview with Pro Kim Schwabenbauer, Race Recaps with Jacobs and Steffen on the Podium, Kona News, and More

September 17, 2014

DSCN1591Tawnee and Thorsten link up for a jam-packed show including a special visit and interview with Pro Kim Schwabenbauer. In the show:

Racing Last Weekend(s)

Ironman Wisconsin, Sept 7

  • Men: Bretscher/Marsh/Gomes/Bachor
  • Women: Martin/Kozulina/Clifford (Jackie Arendt 5th)

IM Wales

  • Men: Matt Trautmann (RSA) 9:07; Fraser Cartmell (GBR) 9:10
  • Women: Only two Pro starters! Amy Forshaw (GBR) 10:57

70.3 Sunshine Coast

  • Great result for Caroline Steffen (winner, with a great 1:18 run)
  • Solid result for Pete Jacobs (3rd), couldn’t quite keep up with winner Courtney Atkinson on the run (1:12 vs. 1:14)

Other 70.3s

  • Rügen (GER) – cancelled swim (5kR-90kB-21kR)
    • women: Yvonne Van Vlerken (1:26 run)
    • men: Michael Raelert
  • Kronborg (DEN) – no Pro category
  • Challenge Weymouth (shortened swim), Challenge Almere?

Interview with Kim Schwabenbauer

Kim Schwabenbauer, RD, LDN, CSSD, is a triathlon coach, professional triathlete and board certified specialist in sports nutrition who owns her own nutrition counseling & endurance coaching business, Fuel Your Passion. Kim joined us on Endurance Planet last year after Kona, click here for that show.

This year, she qualified for the Ironnman World Championships at the end of June with 5,050 points as 23rd of 28 females. It will be her second time racing Kona as a pro. In 2013 she placed 22nd in a time of 9:49.

In this interview, we hear how training and racing has gone for Kim since Kona last year, including her two podium finishes at Ironman Melbourne (3rd) and Ironman Lake Placid (2nd). As well as her not-so-great day at Ironman Wisconsin where she had a DNF. Also her thoughts on racing Kona, and more!

Kona/KPR News

KPR Last changes in the men’s field after rolldown: Passuello, Daerr, Schildknecht, Raelert (declines by Bracht, Zyemtsev, Bockel (injury), Brown)

Then Sept 10: Passuello declined, slot rolls to Paul Ambrose

IM South Africa is now the fifth Regional Championship

Thorsten’s next Kona Rating Report

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