Triathlete Spotlight: Mike Wasserman on Longevity in Sport, Racing the Toughest Ironmans Around, Kona Goals, And More

June 10, 2014

In effort to continually feature the stories of amazing amateur endurance athletes, on this show we talk with triathlete Mike Wasserman. Mike is in his 50s, and got a late start in endurance sport, but he’s cracked the code on how to maintain a sturdy, injury-free and fit body that allows him to race everything from marathons to triathlons up to the Ironman distance year after year (with some very fast times to his name over the years). On this show, he’ll share some insight on how he maintains his health and fitness via smart training and planning (by the way: he is coached by our very own Lucho)!

We’ll also hear some epic race stories from Mike, who’s known for choosing and loving the hardest Ironmans around. He did IM St. George three years in a row, IM Tahoe, among others and has some great experiences to share on this show.

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