TriNews: Sara Gross on Women’s Equality in Triathlon, Double Ironman Wins and More

January 28, 2015

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Thorsten and Tawnee catch up for a special TriNews dedicated to the ladies in triathlon. We talk about the announcement of the new Women in Tri Board and the latest in the push for women’s equality. We are then joined by pro triathlete Sara Gross, who brings amazing insight to the show!

Sara’s Racing

  • Sara on being a pro triathlete for 10 years and her break throughs in 2014
  • Winning two Ironmans in one year (Brazil and IMMT in 2014), after coming off some tough races
  • How she tweaked her training to get fit to win (including more strength training, and strength work on the bike)
  • Racing multiple Ironman races in a year, including Kona
  • Balancing pro triathlon with being a mom, wife, and more
  • Future race plans

On Equality

  • Sara is also writing a four-part series on women’s equality in triathlon. Read the first installment of that on her blog or at
  • The problems facing female pros in triathlon – from race start times and getting caught up with the amateur males to the number of women allowed in Kona
  • Sara’s own experience dealing with drafting accusations after her Brazil win
  • Details of the research she’s doing on her 4-part series including her “thesis statement”
  • and much more very valuable insight on women in triathlon from a pro who understands this world so well

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