TriNews: SuperMoms of Triathlon, Kona Pro Field Preview, 70.3 Worlds, and More

September 20, 2017


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We catch up with Thorsten Radde of featuring our Kona Preview and covering the latest and greatest in professional triathlon including:

  • SuperMoms
    • Many pro women are having babies, and with the points system it’s making it really hard to comeback and get to Kona. Is the current setup fair to these SuperMoms or could improvements be made?
    • Thorsten explains some possible solutions and/or exceptions that could be made to make it more fair for moms to make their comeback in the pro ranks after they took time off for baby.
    • Some of the recent SuperMoms: Rachel Joyce, Sonja Tajsich, Eva Wutti, Jocelyn McCauley, Kim Schwabenbauer, Liz Blatchford, etc.
  • 70.3 Champs
    • This year saw a bigger pro women field with the race split over 2 days. Is Kona next?
  • Kona preview
    • Qualifiers as of the final cutoff, Tawnee’s picks and Thorsten’s KPR.
    • Defending champs and the big names who will be toeing the line at the Ironman World Championships this year.
    • Also who will not be making an appearance?
    • Sander’s shift towards Kona.
    • The Raelert brothers.
    • And more!
  • New athlete tracker on site – finally a solid improvement?

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