TriNews with Thorsten: Race Recaps, Ironman CEO’s Letter to Pros, Buildup to Kona, and More

September 30, 2014
We’re excited to announce that we will be traveling to Hawaii this year to bring you coverage in the leadup to the Ironman World Championships on Sat. Oct, 11.
We’re thrilled to have on board with us Polar as the official title sponsor for Endurance Planet’s 2014 Week of Kona Coverage.

Andrea Hewitt

The latest and greatest pre-Kona triathlon news (plus an exciting announcement) with Tawnee and Thorsten (of

Racing last weekend(s)

ITU Long Distance Championships in China (4k-120k-20k)


  • Men: Bertrand Billard, Sylvan Sudrie, Cyril Viennot (all FRA!)
  • Women: Camilla Pedersen (DEN), Kaise Lehtonen (FIN), Andrea Hewitt (NZL) – with a broken collar bone


  • Craig Alexander 5th (slower bike; but best run split), DNS by Melissa Hauschildt

Ironman Mallorca


  • Men: Tim Don (GBR) 8:34, Miguel Fidalgo (ESP) 8:38, Mike Aigroz (SWI) 8:40; “only” 10th for Timo Bracht
  • Women: Eimear Mullan (IRL) 9:24, Dede Griesbauer (USA) 9:27, Astrid Ganzow (9:31)

Ironman Malaysia


  • Men: Patrik Nilsson (SWE) 8:41, Frederik Croneborg (SWE) 8:58, Karol Dzalaj (SVK) 9:15
  • Women: Diana Riesler (GER) 9:26, Keiko Tanaka (JAP) 10:00, Dimitry-Lee Duke (AUS) 10:02


  • 5th for Beth Gerdes 10:15, <4 months after birth of daughter Wynne McKenzie
  • DNFs for Luke Bell, Rebecca Preston

Ironman Chattanooga


  • Men: Matt Hanson (USA) 8:12, Daniel Bretscher (USA) 8:19, Trevor Wurtele (CAN) 8:22
  • Women: Angela Naeth (CAN) 8:54, Ruth Brennan Morrey (USA) 9:09, Jennie Hansen (USA) 9:12


  • 116-mile bike
  • fastest IM distance swim (aided by current) 38:06 by Barrett Brandon; previous record: 39:08 by Luke Bell in New York

Upcoming Races

Challenge Rancho Cordova
Ironman 70.3 Silverman
Ironman Barcelona
Rev 3 Anderson

Other Triathlon News

Letter by Andrew Messick to Pros:

  • changes to the KPR for 2015 (5 races, max 3 IMs and 3 70.3s)
  • 25 minute gap Pro women to AG in Kona 2015 (as in previous years, 20 min in 2014)
  • no even slots for men/women in Kona (50+5+AQ & 35+5+AQ, on IM website)
  • volunteer work for Kona Pros
  • better online coverage promised
  • limiting discussion on social media

Tightening of “validation” rules:

  • “Former Ironman World Champions using their Five Year Exemption will be required to validate their Ironman Championship entry by racing competitively (as determined by IRONMAN in IRONMAN’s sole discretion) and finishing at one Pro-Qualidying IRONMAN Race during the Qualifying Year”
  • Open Letter by Pete Jacobs.

Kona News

  • Check out Thorsten’s FREE Kona Rating Report (donations accepted to support his hard work)
  • Submit your own Top picks at for a chance to win free race entries to Challenge Roth, IM Sweden, Challenge Almere or Challenge Bahrain
  • Injuries:
    Peter Robertson: out after breaking his collar bone
    – Mel Hauschildt: Still dealing with her torn pec tendon (had to skip ITU LD)

One Comment

  • Another great podcast, I’m addicted. Would also like to hear more on the reasoning for no live coverage of 70.3 worlds. Makes no sense to me still…especially since they’ve had it in the past, so it is possible. And why wouldn’t the local tourism groups get behind it to promote their area and entice future athletes to select a race at their venue? I know I loved the coverage in the past, one I remember was Ironaman Melbourne, when Crowie, Cameron and others were running together for a long time. Now I want to go to Melbourne, looked like a cool race venue. Anyway, if you hear anything, would love to know. Can’t wait for your Kona coverage, you guys rock!

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