Valentine’s With The Vogels: Behind the Scenes With a Badass Endurance Couple, Their Evolution into Elite Ultra-Racing and Triathlon, Tips on Making a Dual-Athlete Household Thrive, and More

February 14, 2014
Lane and Jennifer Vogel are not your ordinary couple. They’ve done Badwater, Marathon de Sables, multiple Ironmans (including Kona for Jennifer), and some. It wasn’t always this way with them, though. About 10 years they went from being relatively non-athletic to pursuing endurance sports when Jennifer got the bug to do a marathon. One thing led to another, and now ultra-racing and triathlons are all they know.
On this show we’ll talk to Jennifer, 32, and Lane, 36, of Florida,¬†about their lives being the quintessential endurance sports couple, with some great insight and tips from a couple who makes it look easy to operate in a dual-athlete household.
Specifically we’ll touch on:
-Getting into endurance sports together, and some of the funny stories from their early days
-How they make training and racing work together as a couple
-The logistics of training together, scheduling, etc.
-Budgeting to support the lifestyle and race travel
-Diet, nutrition and eating habits
-Kids or no kids
-Managing the stressful days and situations that pop up
-Getting chicked by your wife
-Crewing for your significant other
-What they do outside of sport to keep some balance
-Their top tips for other couples who are training and racing — how to make it work and have a blast
-Plus the question everyone wants to no: Sex or no sex before a race?!
-And much more fun along the way
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