Week of Kona: ART Specialist Dr. Allen Wood on the Benefits of Active Release Technique and What He’s Learned From Treating the World’s Best Triathletes at Ironman Hawaii

October 8, 2014

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Dr. Allen Wood is an expert ART practitioner, chiropractor and sports medicine specialist based out of San Francisco and the clinic, Ultimate Sports Medicine. Allen comes to Kona annually to volunteer at the ART tent helping triathletes get their bodies firing at 100 percent for race day. We grabbed Allen in between patients to get some of his expertise on ART for athletes including:

  • What is ART exactly and what does it do?
  • What are common issues seen in triathletes, especially at Kona
  • Anatomy and different types of issues that arise in males vs. females, which ART can help
  • How close to your race can you get ART and be fresh?
  • How many treatments until ART “works” for you?
  • Should ART hurt or not?
  • How ART is evolving and expanding
  • Why you should check out ART right away if you haven’t yet
  • and more!

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