Week of Kona / Beth Gerdes and Lucho: Developing a Killer Run, Postpartum Ironman Success, and More

October 7, 2015

We bring together two badasses of the triathlon and endurance world: Pro triathlete Beth Gerdes and ATC’s Tim “Lucho” Waggoner.

Before ATC, before Beth was an IM athlete — Lucho coached Beth and helped her develop her signature run–she runs a sub-3 marathon in an Ironman.

In this show you will get lots of marathon talk and even specific workouts that may benefit your own training. We also pick Beth’s brain on how she managed to bounce back and race so well after having her daughter….

Overcoming Injury, Developing a Fast Run and a 3-Hour Marathon:
Beth’s setbacks of stress fractures and how she build an injury-free body

Her first MAF Test – what were her splits?

Lucho’s take on the talent beth presented and how he developed her potential

The infamous double run day:
AM – 11-mile progression run
work all day
PM – 11-mile progression run, again

Naps before the track workouts

A classic Daniels’ workout… in the pool?

Beth on Postpartum Ironman Racing
A run down on Beth’s life since finding out she was pregnant to now:

Surprise! Pregnant – Kona 2013
Wynne born – May 2014
First Ironman back, IM Malaysia – Sept 2014 (4 mo later)
Ironman Western Australia
Ironman Melbourne
Ironman Cairns (mechanical DNF)
Ironman WIN at Switzerland – July 2015
Kona as Pro 2015

How she gauged how much to train during and after pregnancy

How Beth got her body back and got her fitness back

Being a new mom and a pro triathlete ain’t always easy… but how they deal

The win at Switzerland

Her approach to racing Kona

Nutrition Chat!

What do she and Luke eat?
-Meals the week of a big race, pre-race dinner and breakfast

Why Beth goes gluten free on race week but isn’t normally GF

Race superstitions

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