Week of Kona / Haley Chura: The Accident That Changed Everything, Except Her Spirit

October 14, 2015

Three weeks before the Ironman World Championships, professional Haley Chura was just getting into her long Sunday ride when disaster struck–she was hit by a car. The accident knocked her from the road and into a ditch, doing some damage to Haley and her new bike, but, thankfully, it wasn’t the worst possible scenario. She’d be ok.

The impact, however, was enough to land her in the hospital and require some serious stitches to her leg. In the immediate aftermath, Haley was in so much pain that she was unable to even walk to the bathroom–how would she race the Ironman World Championships in just over 20 days?!

Find out on this show.

We talked to Haley on Oct. 11, the day after Kona, to hear about her past three weeks, and what went into her fast recovery that still allowed her to toe the line on Oct. 10 in Hawaii. (Hint on : a positive attitude, having a great support system, and nourishing the body with good nutrition can work magic even at the worst of times).

Read more on Haley’s blog.

And hear Haley on EP in 2014 after her first Ironman victory.

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