Week of Kona / Joe Friel: Your ‘Training Bible,’ and the Secret to Ironman Success

October 9, 2015

Coach Joe Friel sits down with Tawnee overlooking the Kona shores on the eve of the Ironman World Championships to talk all about endurance training. Get a deeper understanding of the process and journey that makes a great athlete. Whether you have a coach or are self-coached this is a must-listen! And of course, some Kona and Ironman tips included!

EP’s top picks of Joe Friel’s books:

Also check out Joe’s blog for more great articles and resources.

Topics covered in this show:
-Training Peaks, understanding the new Performance Management Chart (PMC), and other ways to monitor your training
-Joe on aerobic (Z1-Z2) training vs. intensity
-The years-long journey of building an aerobic base before “allowing” intensity
-Watching your ego
-Fixing things if you experienced overtrainining and/or had too much intensity too early on
-When to add intensity… and how much, how often? (Dose + Density)
-Risk vs. reward of intensity
-Do we really need 5+ heart rate zones?
-Joe’s take on simplifying it to 3 zone-training
-Lactate threshold testing
-The aerobic threshold and how it correlates with lactate threshold (AeT = LT – 30 beats)
-What Joe really thinks of heart rate, and the need to be flexible with it
-Tips for athletes over 50 – and why you want strength training + intensity even if your races are lower efforts
-Tempo workouts
-The individual nature of training and coaching, and how there’s no one-size-fits-all way!
-Even Joe says, “IT DEPENDS!!!”
-Modifying templates to fit your needs as a unique athlete
-The secret to making it to Kona….
-And much more from Joe including stories of athletes he’s coached and more!

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