Week of Kona: ‘Team USA’ vs. ‘Zee Germans’ with Thorsten Radde, Plus An Insider’s Perspective of The Pre-Race Pro Presser and Race Week

October 10, 2014

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Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 4.26.51 PMWe catch up with Thorsten Radde of trirating.com for a final chat prior to Saturday’s Ironman World Championships. Thorsten picks Tawnee’s brain on what it’s like “behind the scenes” in Kona at the press conferences, mingling with pros, etc. Then we play a fun game….

Team USA vs. Zee Germans

In this new game, we stack up USA vs. Germany*. Each person picks 10 athletes from our countries (male or female), talks about why they would have a great race, etc. The winner will be lowest sum of ranks for the athletes we picked.

Rules: Points are taken from the best placed 5 of these ten (to account for DNFs, more DNFs = last place). Points per athletes = rank he/she is placed in the Kona race. Winner is the player whose athletes placed best (i.e. the fewest points). We will follow up with the “winner” of the game post race!

Also, Thorsten will be doing live predictions during the race (mix of actual splits and my predictions as the race progresses). You can follow at kona.trirating.com.

*Full list of athletes representing each country:

Team USA
Bib # & Name
6 Timothy O’Donnell
15 Andy Potts
18 Matthew Russell
29 TJ Tollakson
31 Andrew Starykowicz
41 Ben Hoffman
44 Justin Daerr
103 Meredith Kessler
108 Linsey Corbin
109 Caitlin Snow
110 Elizabeth Lyles
113 Amber Ferreira
117 Mary Beth Ellis
120 Beth Shutt
124 Amanda Stevens
129 Lisa Roberts
132 Jackie Arendt
133 Kim Schwabenbauer
134 Bree Wee
135 Jessie Donavan
137 Kelly Williamson

Zee Germans
Bib # & Name
3 Sebastian Kienle
9 Jan Frodeno
26 Maik Twelsiek
28 Faris Al-Sultan
35 Christian Kramer
42 Christian Brader
43 Nils Frommhold
52 Boris Stein
54 Andreas Raelert
122 Kristin Moeller
128 Julia Gajer
138 Katja Konschak

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