Week of Kona: Tips on Bike Cadence Featuring Polar’s V800 Speed and Cadence Sensors, From Inside the Energy Lab

October 8, 2014

Endurance Planet’s Week of Kona coverage is brought to you by Polar, leaders in heart rate monitor and fitness-assessment technology.

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IMG_0115Take a trip into the infamous Energy Lab — one of the toughest portions of the Ironman World Championship race course. But no worries, no harsh conditions in this feature. We give you tips on cadence work to enhance your bike fitness, training and racing — get stronger, and enhance neuromusclar fitness!

We take a look at Polar’s speed sensor and cadence sensor set up on a Felt IA, and how these optional accessories can round out the Polar V800 experience and your fitness.

Also, check out or review of the V800 Training Companion.

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