Ask the Ultrarunner: What You Need to Know About LT, Related Terms

February 17, 2012

Lucho joins us to answer your questions on breathing rate while running and should we try and control it (less and/or more), on lactate threshold (LT) and related terminology such as FTP (plus why LT is important, why LT is not the same as anaerobic threshold (AT), why AT should not be used, how LT relates to FTP and more), how come an elite soccer player can’t keep up with distance runners, why are triathletes much more private with their training plans than ultrarunners, brands of fuel, insight on why stride length shortens during a marathon and should we try and fix that, POlar Ownzone issues, Garmin watch info, how to deal with GI issues once they occur, when to expect speed increases with the Maffetone method, and how to use MAF for hill run training, the longest run when training for a 50k, and training plan questions.

Click here to download audio.

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