ATC 242: Eating for Very High Volume, Sub-3 Marathon Tips, Benefits of Training by Heart Rate Not Pace, The ‘Special Block’ Beastly Workout and More

September 1, 2017


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Lucho and Tawnee are on for Ask The Coaches 242, on this show:

  • An ultrarunner and professional bike courier is working out 50 hours a week wants to know: What would proper fueling look like for this amount of volume?
    • Eat – a lot!
    • Protein needs for endurance athletes: 1.4-2.g grams or protein per kg of bodyweight; up to 3g pro/kg weight is safe.
    • How many carbs to still be metabolically efficient? It’s all relative to training – don’t go too LCHF when training volume is high.
    • How to train yourself to handle more fuel that your body needs.
    • Study mention: Rethinking the Role of Fat Oxidation
  • Depression and running – is getting that endorphin release a type of therapy?
  • Recovery from overtraining syndrome (overexercising, undereating) and not able to get back to past fitness despite years of recovery, what could be going on?
    • Can overtraining syndrome permanently damage your central nervous system?
    • Looking at overtraining recovery holistically and getting back to healthy training – are there other health imbalances that may need fixing and could be holding you back?
    • Are your blood tests really “fine”? There are different ways to interpret blood tests, and athletes are looking for optimal and need the right kind of practitioner to help.
    • Talking to a functional doctor or doctor who specializes in sports medicine may give you the answers you need.
    • When we recover, don’t focus on paces that you once could do, focus on your wellbeing, heart rate training and what your body allows now!
  • 36 year-old male targeting a 2:50 fall marathon – using MAF and questions on training runs and pacing:
    • Make sure your long runs are appropriate to race distance – don’t cut it too short!
    • What pace should tempo runs be at? Are race pace and tempo the same?
    • If you have a realistic goal for you marathon, you need to train at goal race pace, in this case a 2:50 marathon requires training at a 6:29/m pace — it’s not about heart rate in this scenario!
    • However, don’t attempt crazy paces if they’re not appropriate to your fitness. Most of us shouldn’t arbitrarily pick a pace and train at that – we should train at heart rate and develop fitness appropriately, let paces fall into place from there and choose race pace wisely – you still need to be aerobic for a marathon!
    • Practicing race day fuel in training is mandatory!
    • Use nutrition at your goal race pace so you know what your gut can handle and also to train the gut.
  • Lucho mentioned a marathon prep workout where you do a double run of two half marathons in one day – what are the details on executing this?
    • The “Special Block” by Renato Canova
    • Do this 4-5 weeks out from race, no closer
    • 3-6 miles warmup
    • Then 7-10 miles at goal race pace
    • Chill
    • Repeat in evening
  • Can we get back to race paces we once knew, even if we’re now in our 40s?
    • 49-year-old male athlete trying to get back to peak fitness he once knew
    • History of heart attack but getting healthy now.
    • Gained weight over the years; would dropping some weight and getting back under 200 lbs help?
    • Clean eating and lifestyle adjustments.
    • The role of crossfit and strength training when your main goals are running-related.

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