ATC: Pros and Cons to Multiple Ironmans a Year, Heart Rate vs. Watts, Surfing for Swim Fitness, Cadence Talk, ‘Sami Style’ Minimalist Training, and More

June 6, 2014

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In this show Lucho and Tawnee catch up on what’s new in their lives and answer your questions on:

-How bad can multiple Ironmans a year be for the body and the whole system? Can fatigue be accumulated and bring consequences for next years season or overall? We reference this article on long-term effects on heart health.
-Training by heart rate v. watts on the bike,with workout tips and more
-Can surfing count for a swim session, and how closely does surfing mimic swimming in terms of benefiting swim fitness for triathletes?
-Comparison of calorie burn in running vs cycling
-Cadence issues — how to go from a low-cadence athlete to high cadence and why that’s good; plus: benefits of doing low cadence ME work
-Bodyweight squats/lunges vs. squats/lunges with weight – differences, what’s better for strength development, and how to improve with weights
-If given the luxury of a strong tailwind, is it beneficial to get out of the aero position and have your body active as a sail and have the wind push you along?
-Sami Inkinen aka “Sami Style” minimalist training — Lucho and Tawnee’s take on it, pros and cons. Listen to Sami on Endurance Planet!
-and More!

Also, you can follow Tawnee’s progress on her wrist fracture and training status at

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