ATC: Sub-3 Marathon – It’s About More Than Training, Lab Tests vs. Field Tests, Intensity of Long Rides for Half and Full Ironmans, Offseason Cross Training for Ultras, and More

September 5, 2014
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Photo of Lucho's art

Tawnee and Lucho sit down for a LONG talk about art, the sub 3-hour marathon, lab test, field tests, riding intensity and off-season training.

Also covered in this show:

Hitting 1000 watts on the bike – using lucho’s strategy from this show worked!

Trying to nail a sub-3-hour marathon, and how to to analyze every aspect of training and life to make those crucial improvements. Using the example of a female runner who’s PB is 3:02.

What tests are worth paying for or do field tests done on own suffice? For example, is it worth it to get professional tests on metabolic efficiency, VO2max/LT tests, etc. vs. using a heart rate monitor and some self-run field tests to establish some basic training zones? What’s the ROI?

Long ride execution: Focus on easy/moderate base volume, tempo, some threshold/higher intensity or all of the above for 70.3 and 140.6 training?

50k in 8 weeks: What’s the best way to approach the next eights weeks: volume or specificity? Also, would it be a good or bad idea to run a marathon at goal 50k pace 4 weeks out?

Off season training this year into early next year for a June ultra run. Tips on strength training, cross training and more.

— Run video analysis with Josh Camson —

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