ATC: Top-10 Foods For Athletes, Are You Running Too Much, Using The MAF Range, and More

April 3, 2015
LifeBeam makes the world’s most advanced wearable instruments for measuring human performance. No need for a chest strap, your heart rate monitor is embedded into theSmart Helmet, Smart Hat and Smart Visor. And they’re compatible with both ANT+ and Bluetooth low energy!

ku-xlargeHere’s how can you get your hands on a FREE LifeBeam Hat:

The EP team is running Ragnar SoCal on 4/10-4/11 and we’re giving away a LifeBeam Smart Hat to the person who correctly guesses the EP team’s finishing time for the race, which is 182.4 miles total for the 12-person team.

Simply enter the contest by submitting your guess on our Facebook page or via a tweet to @enduranceplanet. Be sure to include the hashtag #EPLifeBeam.

That’s it. Post your guess with the hashtag before 4/10 at 12pm to be entered.

And if you don’t win that contest, we have another for you. We recently relaunched the EP newsletter will great information on the podcast and more. Anybody who signs up for the EP newsletter at in the month of April will be entered into a drawing to win a LifeBeam Smart Hat. If you’re already signed up to the newsletter send an email to

*Also* You can save on LifeBeam products with the code endurance15planet. For more information LifeBeam head to

On This Show:

  • Are days off overrated? What are your thoughts on active recovery?
  • Top 10 food for endurance athletes and much more talk on food and eating (like: does Lucho eat grassfed meat?)
  • The LIST:
    -Sweet potato
    -Coconut oil
    -Greens (kale, spinach, chard, etc)
    -Cruciferous vegetables (prebiotics)
    -Ginger /turmeric
    -Wild salmon/ fatty fish
    -Sauerkraut (probiotic)
    -Raw nuts
  • Bonus 3:
    -Gluten free grain like buckwheat or rice
    -Grassfed butter or ghee
  • Bouncing back and forth between ultras and triathlon training and how to manage volume, avoid over-training the run as well as avoid burnout on the run
  • Switching from ultra to triathlon and vice versa
  • When to add 5 beats to your MAF
  • Using a MAF range vs. just your specific MAF HR
  • Yraining for a half-marathon on a firefighter’s schedule of 2 days on, 4 days off – help planning!
  • Shoutout to Munselle Vineyards in Sonoma
  • And More!

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