ATU: Pacing Your Marathon Training, Nutrition and Recovery for Ultra Relays, Monitoring Stress Via RHR and HRV, Avoid Over-Drinking in Heat, and More

July 25, 2014

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On this show, Lucho and Tawnee catch up and answer your questions on:

-how does one’s training paces correlate to a race paces for marathon training
-what percentage of your goal race pace should you run at during long training runs for the marathon (and what do coaches Hudson and Canova say?)
-role of heat on pacing: why you should avoid always running in heat, plus why is it good to do sometimes
-methods for nutrition, rest and recovery for a 150 mile relay run
-training advice for the North Face 50 Mile Ultra this December
-what does it mean to see a significant increase in resting heart rate and training heart rate; why this may be bad and what to do to fix it
-using HRV to monitor stress such as the SweetBeat app
-Ironman training: avoiding the urge to chug drinks late into a long ride which then causes the sloshy feeling, i.e. how to better hydrate on the bike for the run
-and more!

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