ATU: WS100 Recap, Workouts to Improve VO2Max, Navigate 2-Ways in Ultras, Taking Risks in Racing, Should You Change Your Stride, and More

July 6, 2014

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On this episode Lucho and Tawnee cover a ton, including a recap with insight on the Western States 100 and the results, the great coverage by, as well as insight on other results from last weekend at the races (triathlon included).

Plus answers to your questions on:
-top workouts to improve VO2 max and the science of how to do it, especially for for the middle aged athletes and ultrarunners
-sports psych: “Why when I am running the race I feel like i am going to die the whole time. And 10 minutes after I am finished I am upset at myself that i didn’t push harder and I feel I was a wimp and should have performed better?”
-abnormally dead quads during an ultra – why?!
-changing running stride and getting pain/injury as a result
-suggestions for navigating steep two-way sections in ultra races such as Leadville
-taking risks in ultras (i.e. 50kms) to push your boundaries and see what you’re capable of – smart idea?
-Lucho on how often he likes to race and why
-advice on fueling for a diabetic endurance athlete (hear Tawnee’s past interviews with diabetic athletes Vinnie Santana and cyclist James Stout for great insight)
-and more!

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