Chris Kelly: Inside Tawnee’s Functional Health Test Results and Progress

July 28, 2015
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sid__635466451972828719We’re joined by Chris Kelly of Nourish Balance Thrive to talk about Tawnee’s journey back to good health and go inside her functional health test results; including her adrenal profile (saliva test), Organix Acids (urine test) and blood chemistry. We discuss the before and the after, showing the progress Tawnee made to regain health and thrive once again.

In this episode you’ll learn:

– Female-specific hormone and stress issues and using the saliva test to gather information,

– Info on cortisol and its daily progression, and what Chris typically sees in depleted athletes,

– The pregnenalone steal (listen to this show with susanne bennett for more)

– Analyzing testosterone, DHEA, progesterone, estrogen, cortisol,

– The “health lows” that Tawnee went through,

– What she did to REGAIN health and hormonal balance again!

– The role of lifestyle/stress vs. supplementing to get better,

– Why there’s “no one size fits all” approach to supplements to balance health,

– Why the Organix acids test is so important and what it tells us,

– The synergistic relationship between these multiple functional tests to get the full picture on one’s health and how things affect each other,

– Talking about specific markers on the Organix acids test,

– What is Tawnee still struggling with?

– And much more!

Comments (2)

  • chris says:


    Can you elaborate more on what happened when you stopped drinking kombucha. I could not follow what was the issue. I am a homebrewer and drink about 6oz a day with breakfast. I occasionally drink some after longer runs to break up the h2o. For the 6 months I have been drinking it, I cant tell if it is helping or hurting me.

    Stay Awesome

    • Tawnee_Prazak says:

      Sure! I'll bring it up on an upcoming show! Basically if you have bacterial or yeast overgrowth that's already established in the gut then kombucha will not only feed the "good guys" but feed the "bad guys" as well, making bacteria issue worse (i.e. bloating, gas, digestion woes, etc). Drinking kombucha was like stoking the fire.

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