Dr. Amanda Stevens with Dr. Phil Maffetone: A Pro Triathlete’s Journey of Overcoming Overtraining to New Success

June 10, 2015
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AmandaIn today’s podcast Tawnee sits down with podcast regular, Dr. Phil Maffetone and a brand new voice to Endurance Planet, Pro Triathlete, Dr. Amanda Stevens. In this round table conversation they touch on:

-Amanda’s bad year before starting work with Dr Maffetone,

-The importance of improving sleep habits and lowering stress levels to improve your health and fitness,

-The first steps in the training relationship between Maffetone and Stevens: rediscovering balance in body and life, the importance of assessing the aerobic system, diet, fuelling and fat adaptation,

-Reflecting on the different racing experiences at IM Brazil 2013 (winner) versus 2015 (3rd place finish) and the difference in training approach between the Olympic centre system of the 2013 win and the Maffetone system for her 2015 race,

-How Amanda learned how to trust herself and took control of her own training after being an athlete at the Olympic centre where everything was controlled for her,

-What’s coming up next for racing for Amanda: leading up to and including Kona 2015,

-And much more!

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