Dr. Phil Maffetone 13: ‘Grab Bag’

November 23, 2015

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A special casual conversation with Dr. Phil Maffetone:

– Phil and Tawnee finally meet in person, at IMAZ… at last!!!

– Amanda Stevens placed 2nd at IMAZ and had a great year with the MAF approach, arguably the best year of her career… at 38 years old!

Hear Amanda and Phil on the show back in June

Tawnee’s 30k race report with Phil’s analysis and assessing progress for ultra training

– More on training intensity for healthy ultra taining

Answers to listener questions:

What is up with heart rate spikes at the start of a run? Is it ok to let HR spike if it settles at MAF? And the need to build out more of a base through easy warmups that include walking

Muscle cramps and fatigue at the end of a marathon that was not normal from past experiences. “I have hit the wall in races in the past when it felt like no matter what I thought my body wasn’t going to go any faster than it wanted. This felt different. I definitely felt like I had the energy to keep up the pace, but I slowed to keep my muscles working.” See the garmin data as you listen along.


– What’s up with this MAF Certification?

– Why does phil pack a cooler for road trips, and more on healthy eating habits…

– And more fun!

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