Dr. Phil Maffetone 11: Inside ‘The Endurance Handbook’

July 14, 2015
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Dr. Phil Maffetone just released his latest book, The Endurance Handbook: How To Achieve Athletic Potential, Stay Healthy, and Get The Most Out of Your Body, with the foreword written by Tawnee! You can grab your copy of the book for less than $15.

In this episode we dive into tons of topics covered in the book and all the good information you will find in there. Other topics discussed in today’s podcast:

– Mention of Tracy Hoeg, the WS100 Medical Conference and MAF research presented (among other great, new studies).

– How is The Endurance Handbook different from The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing?

– ICYMI: Past shows with Phil

Health, Nutrition & Diet:

– Phil recommends frequent eating every 2-4hr – is this good for maintaining fat adaptation as well? What about fat adapted folks who don’t get as hungry? When to know to add in small snacks?

– About brown fat and tips to get it activated so you burn more fat, including use of cold exposure and proper food timing.

– Is Phil yay or nay on ketosis for endurance athletes?

– Fat-burning and less carbs is great and all for health, but what about the people who do just fine on carbs, and are thriving/athletic/energetic, even at ages 40+. Are they not intolerant to carbs and just lucky?

– Knowledge on yourself via the “Two-Week Test.

– Mention of insulin and athletes.

– Why is Phil such an advocate of eggs? Has he seen a lot of folks who have or develop egg allergies?


– Phil says max HR and LT HR vary on any given day, but not MAF HR – why?

– Revisiting MAF on the bike vs run, the pros and cons of mixing LT and MAF to interpret athlete data, and more for the coaches out there or self-coached athlete,

– How much is enough to properly overreach for desired adaptations but not trashing one’s self?

– Pro triathlete Amanda Stevens’ recent 2nd place at IMCdA and her lower calorie burn per hour showing increased fat adaptation! (Hear Amanda and Phil on this show),

– Is it ever ok to train tired and train fatigued especially for endurance, and when/how to do this safely?

– Phil says you want to feel good after workouts, but is it possible to always feel good after training and be doing enough to increase fitness?

… and more fun along the way!

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