Dr. Tamsin Lewis: Natural Healing For Depression and Anxiety in Athletes, and the Role of Nutrition, Exercise, Gut Health and More

July 15, 2016


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Dr. Tamsin Lewis of curoseven.com, a functional health practice based in the UK, joins Endurance Planet again for a informative conversation on how to heal depression and anxiety for athletes who are suffering. We look at alternative ways to prevent, manage and/or end depression and anxiety using a holistic approach, while still addressing medications such as anti-depressants and their role.

On this show you’ll learn:

  • Catching up with Tamsin and her new life as mom. She’s back to running and fills us in on how’s she’s managed to juggle having a newborn, her work and running (with a sub-3 marathon at London this year)–but along the way reprioritizing her life from what it once was.
  • Read more on Tamsin’s blog here.
  • How common is depression in athletes?
  • Comparing depression (sad, hopelessness) with anxiety (worry, fear). More info.
  • What we’re starting to see is that depression is not just in your head.
  • Mention of Kelly Brogan, MD, and the groundbreaking work she’s doing around depression, and advocating holistic ways to heal.
  • Depression: it’s an inflammatory disorder … and usually another inflammation-based condition going on in conjunction.
  • Does anxiety work the same way or is the science of what is at the root cause of anxiety different?
  • What could be root causes and/or the sources of inflammation? And how to treat root causes like inflammation.
  • Gut health as treatment.
  • The gut-brain connection as it relates to depression. Heal the gut, heal the brain.
  • A healthy diet as treatment. Decrease gluten, sugar and inflammatory foods. Concepts of LCHF, but not taking LC too far.
  • Mention of our podcast with ultrarunner Nikki Kimball who’s depression is eased with a LCHF diet.
  • Blood & hormonal testing to find out more of one’s chemistry that could be contributing to depression and anxiety such as vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
  • Females hormonal fluctuations can contribute to depression and anxiety especially certain times of the month.
  • For females, what are good foods to eat during the luteal phase to help mood state (hint: don’t go too low carb!).
  • More on the MTHFR gene mutation and how this can contribute to poor moods, etc.
  • What are “nutraceuticals” and supplements recommended to heal depression and anxiety?
  • Links to hormones:
    • Low Progesterone: anxiety
    • Low Testosterone: confidence
    • Low Estrogen: skin, mood
    • High Cortisol: inflammation
  • Exercise as treatment. But in the appropriate dosage and with the right mindset.
  • Avoid taking exercise too far into an obsession or something that’s contributing to their inflammation (i.e. avoid “exercise dependence”).
  • Exercise can be an effective treatment and preventative for depression and mental illness, but too much can certainly can contribute to declining mental health.
  • How does Tamsin navigate anti-depressant meds? What are situations when medications are needed vs. not.

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