Ep. 4: So You Wanna Go Pro? A ‘Stick in the Spokes’ and Changing Focus

July 20, 2016


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We’re back with Episode 4 of “So You Wanna Go Pro” featuring elite triathlete Matt Bach. This episode takes an unexpected and somewhat ironic turn of events. Listen to Ep. 3 here.

  • Matt discusses recent developments in his health & plans to heal:
    • Diagnosis: Stress reaction in femur, osteoporosis, and double genetic mutation in MTHFR with C677T variant
    • What’s a stress reaction vs. fracture, why did this happen, risks, treatment (was on crutches for 6 wks), plan
    • Bone health and association with low testosterone
    • Leanness, calories, nutrient absorption and more
    • Immediately ceased all focused training and racing
    • It takes many months, or even years, to destroy T levels and bone density; will take months to restore it
    • Matt’s T #s already improving along with better energy and libido
  • Matt shares a non-scientific survey he did of 22 elite/pro triathletes and their hormonal health & more research:
    • 13 diagnosed with hormone problems, 6 have symptoms but no official diagnosis, 3 reported no problems
  • Will Matt still pursue going pro?!
  • Getting more answers with further testing such as 23andMe soon
  • Further research shows: >3 risk alleles = greater risk (30% vs 5% for 0 risk alleles)
  • On MTHFR: Very common! Body less efficient at producing an enzyme that converts inactive folic acid into active form of folate (i.e. 5-MTHF)
  • Matt’s approach to healing via nutrition, supplements and lifestyle:
    • All-natural approach, taking nothing that is banned. Plan to return to competition, don’t want side effects
    • Picking the right team of doctors
    • Not much endurance training (1x per week swim/bike)
    • More sleep
    • More social time and time with wife, Lauren!
    • Physical Therapy
    • Strength work
    • On diet: Continue eating clean and healthy, Metabolic Efficiency Training, and figuring out if this is the right “diet” for Matt still?
    • Tons of Supplements, some temporary
      • Strontium, multivitamin, methylated folate and B12, magnesium
      • Increased to 5000 IU D3, D-Aspartic Acid Powder, BCAAs, Pregnenolone
      • Omega-3s
      • Also a Probiotic, vitamin K2, Selenium, vitamin C, CoQ10 and Gaia HPA Axis
  • Psychology and ongoing plans to go pro:
    • Pro plans on hold, but not gone, patience to heal first is key!
    • Not as restless as expected with changes
    • Headspace and mental work to stay happy and motivated
    • Off crutches, can’t run still, but Alter-G soon
    • Sponsors awesome, continue to support; new ways to help them
    • What others are saying to Matt
    • The influence of other athlets struggling, and how Matt is finding solace in their stories on overcoming hardship


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  • brockdorf says:

    The best podcast ever, thanks. What is the best way to eat flax seed? I don't care for fish and walnuts have a lot of calories, but would like to up the Omega-3.

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