Ep 7 Project ZENdurance: Pinpointing Carb Dependency, Overdoing It After Ironman, and Much More

June 4, 2015
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powdered_sugar_in_burlap_bag_by_emptypulchritude-d4uvfo1On this show, there are no big races in Brett’s immediate future but the relationship with he and Tawnee is getting even deeper and the issues going on are arguably more important than just prescribing workouts. In fact, things take a bit of a turn from Ep. 6

-Brett’s sugar and carb dependency for workouts and diet/nutrition is still a red flag, what steps must be taken?

-Steps to being fat-adapted (and fears around it),

-Is Brett cheating recovery since IMTX? What does Coach Tawnee say?

-The science of scheduling health testing around training/races,

-and much more.

One Comment

  • I continue to be addicted to this podcast! I think that one of the reasons is that I identify with Brett:). The first thing that struck me on this episode was that Brett’s already doing TT’s, just 1-2 weeks out from his IM! Geez, I give Tawnee major kudos for staying calm. While I agree that ultimately Brett can do whatever he wants to his body, the stress of a TT within 1-2 weeks of an IM (regardless of how intense the IM effort was), is just asking for biomarker trouble. Trust me, I know. I had one of my best 5K trail race efforts just 4 weeks after IMLT in 2013, and the next day I got shingles! Your immune system is already trashed, and stressing it will only trash it more. Ironically, I agree that you may have a pop in fitness after an IM, but at what cost? On a positive note, I do think that Brett has been listening and is making changes. I have one suggestion for Brett, if I may be so bold (what the heck, if you put yourself out there on a podcast, you should expect some feedback): Try not to jump in every time Tawnee says something that provokes a thought, idea or response. Listen to what she has to say. It is impossible to formulate a sentence and to listen at the same time. I know that this is an experiment of sorts, but Tawnee is a great coach and she will help you achieve your goals. And yes, Brett has changed his diet and cut back on his training regimen, but regardless of the percentage he has cut back, physiologically he’s a mess. Rest, not TT’s, are the treatment. Good luck! I look forward to many future podcasts!

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