HPN 36: Supplement Plans for Postpartum vs. Hormone-Healing Maintenance, Plus Lifestyle Medicine Part 1

June 16, 2023


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Welcome to episode 36 of Holistic Performance Nutrition (HPN) featuring Tawnee Gibson, MS, CSCS, CISSN, and Julie McCloskey, a certified holistic nutrition coach and personal trainer, who you can find over at wildandwell.fit.

Training updates from the HPN girls!

What kind of nutritional support, supplements, habits, etc., are prioritized to support the following two scenarios: 

Julie – hormone-healing maintenance: continuing to support overall health/hormones coming off imbalances and also with an increasingly demanding job on feet as coach/trainer and longer distance racing (eg 50-miler).

Tawnee – 8 months postpartum: A mom who’s breastfeeding with small kids and getting back to consistent exercise/ training and even racing after a long time away from all that. Currently: Milk supply fantastic & generally feeling great too–how does TPG achieve this while pushing harder in training and seeing gains in fitness?

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  • Julie 
    • Supplements:
      • IRON 2x/day
      • Rhodiola 5x/week – for stress and fatigue resistance
      • Creatine 2.5g 5x/week – brain function, sleep, strength, recovery
      • B6 in P5P form (thanks Tawnee!) – hormones, pms
      • Chaste Tree Berry – hormone balance
      • Fish Oil 1g/day – mood, cognitive function, blood sugar regulation, recovery
      • Magnesium 5x/week
      • Amino Acid Complex 1x/day
      • Zinc or a Trace Mineral complex 4-5x/week
  • Tawnee
    • Supplements:
      • The One by Quiksilver Scientific
        • For adrenals & mitochondrial
        • Has PQQ, CoQ10, Resveratrol, tocotrienols, adaptogens, botanicals
        • Even astragalus for immune
        • “Definitely felt a shift in my energy and recovery from sleep deprivation once I started this.”
      • Stress B Complex and/or B6 in P5P form
      • Iodine
        • Needs increase in pregnancy and lactation; I’m not getting from salt and not a ton in my diet
        • Benefits for both of us:
          • Helps with my thyroid
          • Helps with baby development eg brain/neurological
        • Take a drop in water and can dose as needed, a few times a week
      • Rotating probiotics/ regular fermented foods
        • Had antibiotics in labor so really ramped this up postpartum for both of us, never saw any lingering negative effects on gut health
        • Almost every day eating some form of fermented food, for baby too!
      • ION Gut support
        • Also gut support, different than probiotics
        • Soil derived, trace minerals and amino acids
        • Strengthen cellular or tight junction integrity – something that can be compromised with gluten, glyphosate, etc
        • Redox signaling (mechanism)
      • Mag Bicarb
      • Cod liver oil or fish oil
        • CLO brands: Rosita or Green pastures
        • FO brands: Nordic Naturals or Biotics Research
        • Vitamin A concerns? No. WAP – “We have pointed out that concerns about vitamin A toxicity are exaggerated. While some forms of synthetic vitamin A found in supplements can be toxic at only moderately high doses, fat-soluble vitamin A naturally found in foods like cod liver oil, liver, and butterfat is safe at up to ten times the doses of water-soluble, solidified and emulsified vitamin A found in some supplements that produce toxicity.(1)Additionally, the vitamin D found in cod liver oil and butterfat from pasture-raised animals protects against vitamin A toxicity, and allows one to consume a much higher amount of vitamin A before it becomes toxic.(1-3) ”
        • Been leaning toward more natural forms of A & D lately, giving appropriate dosages to girls too.

Lifestyle Medicine & the Roots of Wellness

Part 1: Starting the conversation with #1-3

We often are asked how to heal x,y,z or get better at x,y,z… but then often hearing, “I can’t heal or get better…” Maybe we’re looking too much at the surface and not enough at the roots. Here we start the conversation on the real roots of healing and thriving buy thinking deeper than just a current fad or protocol, i.e. what does it really take to get well and stay well? This is lifestyle medicine…and there is science to support this.

IFM’s functional medicine tree

1. Emotional health & self-awareness

  • Healing past traumas, releasing and letting go, desire to be well and not stay stuck… this is the HARD WORK. E.g. attitudes, beliefs, values, and intentions. Being stuck will often manifest and no it’s not your fault for manifesting an injury or whatever it is, this is just your body giving you the gentle (or not so gentle) nudge to dig deep and see what’s there. Often look to past and what needs resolving.Your injury has roots to something deeper than a biomechanical error, in most cases. It shows a larger imbalance… follow that! Same with weight gain/overweight or being too lean… what is the EMOTIONAL root? Not just the physical outcome.
  • Must FIRST be open to change and doing the work..”nothing changes if nothing changes”This is my cornerstone pillar (physical health/exercise  is a close 2nd) – everything is downstream of the state of my emotional health…I eat better, move better, sleep, better, connect better, work more creatively etc.
  • Letting Go = “Drop the Rope”…is it something you can’t control? Drop the rope

2. Resilience to stress

  • If exercising or sleep deprived or mentally unstable or whatever it is, must do all we can to offset that with daily habits and practices to build robustnessTargeted supplements and self-care practice – the discipline to be consistent with these little habits.
  • “Catching Uncertainties” – name it, locate it in your body, see if through

3. Community

  • Gotta have your people, social media – does it count? I don’t think so.
  • We are social creatures, the need to belong is ingrained in our nature
  • 5 Key Benefits of Community:
  • Support and Safety: to help fight feelings of hopelessness
  • Connection and Belonging: being a part of something Bigger brings meaning
  • Influence: the uplifting effect of being surrounded by positive people
  • Sharing: reinforces our sense of self and adds worth and value to the comm.
  • Learning: finding people with different experiences to provide insight
  • Tips for finding community: search for a group of like-minded people; share thoughts, ideas, books, meals with friends or neighbors; spend less time scrolling social media, and more time showing up in person; volunteer for a cause that means a lot to you; join a fitness group, dance class, art class etc.

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