OMM 13: Marketing Tactics

November 24, 2023

Be sure to check out our new clean-living “non-toxic” Living List at, where everything we’ve included are brands and products we own and use in our home and for our family. It will be an evolving list and it’s certainly not exhaustive, these are just some examples and things we have come to use and like. Check back for deals and shop through us to support the show! Some affiliate links included.

On this show we talk about:

  • Ragnar New England 2024 is on! It’ll be May 17-18, 2024, on the East Coast, email us at for details and to join the team for an unforgettable experience!
  • Followup thoughts on recent episodes.
  • Tawnee’s goals and intentions with this podcast: to inspire, uplift, encourage, bring together, and elevate in the name of health, wellness and fitness!
  • Marketing tactics that cloud our mindset into thinking we need things when we may not actually need them.
    • Case in point: Nike’s new baby shoes marketed toward “helping babies learn how to walk” and “promoting natural foot development” but in reality we don’t need shoes for all that, just our two feet and natural abilities! Of course these shoes are ok—better than mot baby shoes being that they are a minimalist barefoot style—but don’t be duped into thinking we need to buy something to replace what nature and our bodies are intended to do! Use shoes sparingly on babies and children!
    • We like Vivobarefoot shoes for babies and kids but of course this can get pricey so ways to help with that: buy on sale, look for used, add to gift wishlists, etc…

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