OMM 18: The Autobiography Series, Part 4

March 15, 2024

The fourth installment with host Tawnee Gibson sharing her life story of a college student who developed an eating disorder and amenorrhea turned hardcore endurance athlete, coach, holistic health expert and more. It is a cautionary tale but also one full of hope and that self-healing, thriving and achieving dreams are always possible.

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On this episode:

The years 2008-2010, when Tawnee stepped it up in the world of triathlon and endurance sports, chose a new career path in fitness & endurance coaching—which began with a grad school program—and more work. This, all while she was racing more frequently, longer distances and relentless training, plus involvement in the tri scene. In this phase she was very much past the worst of her eating disorder but still had demons of disordered eating, and a new slew of health issues involving gut, hormones, and more. She did what many 20-somethings do: burn the candle at all ends and “ignore” one’s true needs, and in this show she reflects on the intensity of her life at that time and also the many flaws in her mindset and approach back then.

Link for ATC show referenced.


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