Ep. 2 Project Badwater: Structuring Offseason and Breaking Up with Over-Racing

November 11, 2015

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We are BACK with Episode 2 of Project Badwater, if you missed Episode 1 you can listen here. Project Badwater is brought to you by title sponsor Sound Probiotics.

This series is a raw look inside the life of ultrarunner Michelle Barton on her journey to the 2016 Badwater 135, the world’s toughest foot race, with Tawnee advising. Michelle didn’t reach her goals at Badwater 135 this year and she is hungry for redemption. Revisit the podcast documenting Michelle’s Badwater 135 race experience this year.

Today’s theme: Offseason agenda for ultra (with a BONUS audio clip at end of the show when the conversation escalates after turning the microphones back on… is too much racing the root cause of overtraining syndrome/fatigue?)

– First some fun and food talk: Michelle’s best meal in the past week–what stood out as awesome, delicious?

– Mindful eating and being present with food and meals

– Flashback to early on in ultras, what mistakes did Michelle make?

– Tips for Tawnee and John racing a hilly trail 30k this weekend, a race where Michelle holds the course record.

– What ‘new thing’ did Michelle try after our chat on Episode 1?

– Training plans! On creating a written training schedule for the first time in her career! What’s it like to see a plan, stick to it, respect the scheduled off days, and… the benefits:

– How much better, mentally and physically, has Michelle felt as a result of the structure?

– Building base miles…effort on these workouts? Keeping in check and not doing too much…

– The offseason and recovery – what’s normal for Michelle to do what does she want to do this year?

– Why is offseason just so hard to do for certain runners/triathletes, especially those who live in climates like SoCal….

– Other off-season goals…is more recovery needed? Strength training, etc?

-MAF test re-do

The functional strength workout mentioned by Tawnee:

5-10′ exercises working mobility and stability; floor and standing/single-leg movements.

Main set:
3-4 sets:
20 ham curls on physioball (PB) – add in SL curls
10 knee tuck – pike – pushup or scap pushup on PB (if bad shoulder, or UCS present, do scap pushup)
10 beck extensions on PB
10 reverse extensions (toes glued) on PB
10 plank variations on PB – circles, saw, leg march, etc
100 jump rope
3-5 wall angels
3-5 OH squats facing wall, hands stay behind toe line and can’t touch wall, push butt back and knees out as you lower

3 sets:
8 ea side leg lifts
5 ea SL squats transition to SL balancing stick (arms OH) on TRX or rings

mobility and light stretching, foam rolling

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