Ep. 1 Project Badwater: Catching Up With Michelle and Setting New Goals

October 28, 2015

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Project Badwater, Episode One, brought to you by title sponsor Sound Probiotics.

This new series will follow ultrarunner Michelle Barton on her journey to Badwater 135, the world’s toughest foot race, in 2016.

Michelle didn’t reach her goals at Badwater 135 this year and she is hungry for redemption. Revisit the podcast documenting Michelle’s Badwater 135 race experience this year.

And also check out our podcast documenting her awesome race at Badwater Salton Sea.

In this series we will also be documenting the journey I’m on, along with my fiance John, into the ultra world as we train for Badwater Salton Sea.

In this show:

– Transrockies and margaritas
– DNF at Run Rabbit Run 100
– Broken rib – say what?!
– What did her doctor say about the rib? What was the recommended recovery protocol?
– What did Michelle do to stay fit while recovering? How much rest was involved?
– Her speedy recovery and timeline back to running post-injury
– Supplements?
– Running the Whoo’s El Moro 25k

Moving forward
– Tawnee’s role to help Michelle as an advisor, resource, and consultant
– What does Michelle say she needs in her training approach to get redemption at badwater?
– The value of a more structured plan & the season ahead
– “Homework” and immediate goals: Find a stress-relieving activity to balance out the stress of training and to unwind. We discuss ideas like yoga, walking or hiking, meditation, or even cooking.
– And more!

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