OMM 12: Navigating ‘Non-Toxic’ Part 2 – Lists and Products

November 10, 2023

A continuation of the clean living, non-toxic conversation. For previous shows leading up to today’s in-depth brand and product list, listen here:

ATC 357: Non-Toxic Insanity, How to Keep Your Cool and Healthy Balance + Budget Around Clean Living

OMM 11: Navigating ‘Non-toxic’ Part 1

Everything on our list can be found (ongoing, forever) at, and everything we’ve included are brands and products we own and use in our home and for our family. It will be an evolving list and it’s certainly not exhaustive, these are just some examples and things we have come to use and like. Check back for deals and shop through us to support the show! Some affiliate links included.

Cleaning Products

Personal Care – Skincare, Makeup, Oral, Kids, etc.

Kitchen, Cookware and Food Storage

  • Cooking: 
    • Stainless steel—pots, pans, cookie sheets and muffin tins
      • All-Clad
      • Calphalon
    • Ceramic
      • Xtrema—we got their 10 quart pot to replace a crockpot
    • Enameled cast iron
      • Le Crueset Dutch oven
    • Cast iron
    • Glass pyrex
      • Great for non-toxic baking
    • Loaf pans
      • We have glass, cast iron, SS (we use a variety)
  • Food storage, accessories, cups, etc
    • Glass
      • Snapware, yes they have plastic lids but not worrying about it 😉
      • Pyrex for cooking and storage (larger volume meals, etc)
    • Stainless steel
    • Silicone, natural wood, bamboo—great non-toxic alternatives to plastic and when you prefer to avoid SS or breakable/fragile materials.
    • SodaStream—DIY carbonated water with glass bottles
    • Mason jars
      • We use these for everything! All shapes and sizes (wide-mouth preferred); big glass jugs for bulk storage, liquids, general drinking glasses, etc. 


  • Aquasana shower filter
  • Drinking water (options we’ve used or are considering):
    • Premier RO system
    • SpringAqua
    • Pristine Hydro

Home Goods & Healthy Home Environment

  • A Healthier Home by Shawna Holman
  • Look for OEKO-TEX label for cleaner items that have been tested for and are free of harmful substances
    • There are different levels and categories of this but it’s overall becoming more widely prevalent making non-toxic more mainstream and accessible
  • GOTS for top of the line
  • Natural materials like wool, cotton (over synthetics, polyester, etc)
  • Air filters:
    • Air Doctor
  • Rugs—try to get those without backing, made with more natural fibers (e.g. cotton, wool, jute)


  • Air fresheners, plug-in air fresheners
  • Scented candles, go for beeswax and if needing scent EOs
  • Plastic liners in crockpots or cooking anything
  • Foil—use parchment paper instead, good for baking up to 420-450 deg F; or butcher paper
  • Plastic wraps, try beeswax wrap!

This list will be updated as needed here.

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