OMM 19: The Autobiography Series, Part 5

April 12, 2024

The fifth installment with host Tawnee Gibson sharing her life story as a college student who developed an eating disorder and amenorrhea, turned hardcore endurance athlete, coach, holistic health expert and more. It is a cautionary tale but also one full of hope and that self-healing, thriving and achieving dreams are always possible.

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On this episode:

Tawnee chronicles years 2011-2013. It begins with meeting her future husband John, starting as host of the Endurance Planet podcast, befriending co-host Lucho (and hiring him as her coach) and more business success. All the while, she experiences a peak in her triathlon/endurance racing, followed by downfall(ish), something Dr. Phil Maffetone has alluded to as a red-flag warning sign of overtraining syndrome. In late 2013 she had a horrible race at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships followed by an Ironman DNF two weeks later at Lake Tahoe, and with the way she felt and symptoms she was experiencing, she saw the writing on the wall: It was time to commit to her healing and health above all.

Links mentioned:

Tawnee’s (old-school) blog –

Ironman Lake Tahoe ’13 Race Report

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