OMM 8: When Progress Isn’t (The Usual) Progress

September 1, 2023


In this episode of On My Mind, Tawnee and John catch up about intuitive training and the process and progress Tawnee’s been making this year.

  • Running slump—scaling it back for 3 weeks, not easy but felt it had to be done (talked about this on ATC 356).
  • Struggle with resting.
  • Recognizing patterns; push till over-tired then needing extra rest.
  • The good stuff happens when athletes LISTEN and respond accordingly, even if that’s the uncomfortable rest they know they need. The not-so-good is when we override that and push harder.
    • Intuitive training isn’t always easy, kind of like tough love with your self.
  • ATC 342 reference—study on overtraining.
  • Recovered & MAF test. 
    • Analyzing splits.
    • Faster average than previous 2 tests this season.
    • However, drop off in pace is obvious. When there is a wide range between mile times, what does that mean?
    • Lacking a certain level of aerobic endurance.
    • Problem solving.
  • Breastfeeding is a strain on adrenals, sleep deprived is a big strain, and I’m just doing my best in the season to mind all the variables so I can show up how I want in life and for my family…
  • Still signed up for a race in late September–flat and fast half marathon!
  • Overall: this is a reminder that nothing beats taking downtime when you need it—no supplement will change that. Supplements are there to support but not be a magic pill.
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