Sports Nutrition: Natural (and Effective) Anti-Inflammatories, Better Manage Your Electrolytes and Sweat, How to Promote ‘Better Blood’ and More

April 6, 2015

sweatyFrom recovery to sweat rates this show is jam-packed with cutting-edge sports nutrition and health information!

Ben recently hung out with Dr. Allen Lim of Skratch Labs and the FeedZone cookbook, and we cover what went on in that conversation and much more including:

  • The latest research on sodium, electrolytes and sweat and how you can up your game by managing these things,
  • More on RS (listen to our ground-breaking interview with Chris Kelly),
  • Nutrition advice for racing cold events like Norseman 2015 and triathlons in general,
  • Why you want to go for simplicity in your race nutrition,
  • How to use products like Skratch Labs and solid foods such as bonk breakers and rice cakes during a triathlon,
  • Tangent! VRBO vs AirBnB, Uber and More travel conveniences to enhance your race experience,
  • UCAN chat! How to best dissolve UCAN effectively. Also, how Tawnee uses UCAN pre-workout ,
  • Do you need to achieve “better blood?” Start by enhancing your recovery and treating the body well,
  • Anti-inflammatories that are more effective that NSAIDs: Mariva, turmeric
  • and more!

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