Badwater Salton Sea: Inside 81 Miles of Ultra Racing

May 13, 2015

IMG_0001Endurance Planet is pleased to present a “podcast documentary” taking you through the reality of racing ultras.

Go inside the the Badwater Salton Sea Ultra, a gruelling 81-mile ultra race that takes place in extreme desert heat and through the forest up insane mountains in Southern California. Follow along as Michelle Barton and Majo Srnik complete the gruelling 81-mile course, with your host Tawnee and her fiancé John serving as their crew. Whether you’re interested in endurance events, racing ultras, crewing ultras, or simply being entertained, this show covers it all… and it gets real.

Michelle and Majo were featured on this EP podcast earlier in 2015; they are elite ultrarunners and finished third overall at Badwater SS in a time of 17:02, with Michelle setting a new female course record by hours.

As the documentary unfolds, you’ll hear our pre-race planning meeting weeks before the race, audio clips recorded the night before the race and then throughout the entire ultra as it’s unfolding live, and wrapping up with an in-depth and very insightful post-race recap the next morning. Plus learn about the Badwater races and RD Chris Kostman.

To jump to a specific part of the podcast:
– Planning meeting – 00:09:08
– Pre-race dinner – 01:05:56
– Race start – 01:15:57
– Mile 40/about halfway – 01:20:00
– A team won – 01:42:50
– Post-race recap – 01:48:48

For more info and photos, check out Tawnee’s blog on the badwater salton sea.

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