Ep. 2a Project Badwater: Chris Kostman and A Mission to ‘Seek and Share Adventure’

November 25, 2015

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Project Badwater* is brought to you by Sound Probiotics. Episode 2a of the Badwater series features the most important man in all of Badwater 135: Race Director Chris Kostman, of AdventureCORPS. Get caught up on previous episodes of Project Badwater here.

In this show Chris sits down with host Tawnee Prazak for a candid interview. Get to know the man behind the Badwater race series, and why he’s one of the most unique race directors on the planet. Find out what makes Badwater 135 so unique and different from any other ultra out there…

Chris’ background as an athlete and ultra cyclist; racing Race Across America in his youth, and even Ironman racing. These are the experiences that shaped Chris into the person he is today.

The formative years working with RAAM.

Silver State 508 ultra-cycling race (formerly Furnace Creek 508).

How Chris got involved in Badwater 135.

What Badwater 135 was like back in the late ’90s early 2000s, and Chris’ vision to take it to another level when he took over.

The need for more rules… but seriously!

Chris, the benevolent dictator.

Chris Kostman in the zone as race director shortly before the start of Badwater 135 in 2015.

Chris Kostman in the zone as race director shortly before the start of Badwater 135 in 2015.

The unique selection process in place for Badwater 135 and why it’s the way it is.

The Badwater “family” – it’s a real thing.

Why is it valuable for people to do an “insane” ultra event and endure so much suffering.

The type of people who do Badwater 135, and how Chris is more than just an RD to this group.

Chris’ vision for races and wanting to share adventures and take people to unique places.

Discussing other races in the Badwater series – Salton Sea and Cape Fear.

On DNF’ing at a race like Badwater 135.


*The Project Badwater series documents ultrarunner Michelle Barton on her journey to Badwater 135, the world’s toughest foot race, in 2016. Michelle didn’t reach her goals at Badwater 135 this year and she is hungry for redemption. Revisit the podcast documenting Michelle’s Badwater 135 race experience this year. And also check out our podcast documenting her awesome race at Badwater Salton Sea.

Comments (2)

  • CoolinOlympia says:

    What a great guest with a great narrative!!!!

  • Paul says:

    Thank you for this awesome interview! You asked all the questions I’ve never quite had the opportunity–or presence of mind–to ask of Chris. As a past Badwater and 508 participant/finisher, I appreciate hearing his perspective and philosophy on what’s important in his races. Thanks for sharing!

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