EP’s Most Popular Show of 2013: Dr. Timothy Noakes on Nutrition, Central Governor Theory and More

December 31, 2013

On the final day of 2013, we take a walk down memory lane and revisit Endurance Planet’s No. 1 most popular episode of the year. That hit show would be a special interview we did featuring Dr. Timothy Noakes in which we discuss diet, the role of carbs/low-carb, central governor theory and much more. Click here to take a listen; I bet you’ll learn something new even if you heard this on before.


Also, here are links to the rest of our top-5 most popular shows of 2013:

In 2nd place: ATC: Reaching Race Weight Safely, Is Your Hard Group Session Killing MAF Training, Weights Before or After Running, Ironman at Altitude, Key Short-Course Tri Run Workouts, and More

In 3rd place: ATC: Ramping Up After Runner’s Knee, Art of Peaking, Racing a 70.3 in Prep for 140.6, Last-Minute 10k Training Plan, and More

In 4th place: ATC: Can All Your IM Training Be at Zone 2/MAF, Managing Cardiac Drift, Striving for Kona, and More

In 5th place: Dr. Phil Maffetone: A Guide to Strength Training For Endurance Athletes, The Role of Fatigue/Stress, Avoiding DOMS, ‘Slow Weights’ Concept, Correcting Imbalances and Much More


As a bonus, here are the runner-ups for most popular:

6th: Week of Kona: Nutrition Plans of The World’s Best Age Groupers at the Ironman World Championships

7th: Sports Nutrition: Noakes’ Low-Carb vs. Rich Roll’s High-Carb/Vegan Diet, Vinnie Tortorich’s NSNG, LCHF vs. Ketosis, How Much Fiber Is Too Much Before a Race, and More




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  • JDGSummers says:

    Just re-listened to the Tim Noakes interview. A great way to start 2014. Thanks for the podcast Tawnee. I’m in the UAE and it’s compelling listening in the desert over here! Will Lucho still have time in 2014 to join you given his fishing commitments? 😉

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