OMM 21: The Autobiography Series, Part 7 (Finale)

May 10, 2024

The seventh and final installment with host Tawnee Gibson sharing her life story as a college student who developed an eating disorder and amenorrhea, turned hardcore endurance athlete, coach, holistic health expert, and eventually slowing down her participation in sport as she entered her motherhood era. It’s an inspiring message that self-healing, thriving and achieving dreams are always possible.

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In this episode, Tawnee ties it all together with a pivotal moment in 2016 in which she rather suddenly fell ill with an autoimmune disease, which prompted her to take an even deeper dive into her healing, discovering even more roots of wellness and being free of dis-ease in the body. Her work put this condition into remission, for good. After wrapping up some races such at the Boston Marathon, and then getting married, so began a journey into fertility and pregnancy. After a brief struggle, she became pregnant in mid-2017 and had a wonderful, happy, healthy pregnancy, but it would end tragically two days before their baby’s due date…. We end with her closing thoughts on this series and a message to everyone out there.

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